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Insulation Materials

Calcium Silicate Blocks

Calcium Silicate Blocks

We are involved in offering Calcium Silicate Blocks. The raw materials for calcium silicate bricks include lime mixed with quartz, crushed flint or crushed siliceous rock together with mineral colorants. The materials are mixed and left until the lime is completely hydrated, the mixture is then pressed into molds and cured in an autoclave for two or three hours to speed the chemical hardening.

Physical Properties
Product Size mm Thickness mm BD kg/m2 Flexural Strength Mpa Temp °C
Calcium Silicate Blocks 900 x 600
600 x 150
800 / 1000 / 1100
800 / 1000 / 1100
Rigid Pipe Covering 900/ 600/ 450 25-75 250 0.8-0.9 800 / 1000 / 1100

Chemical Composition
Characteristics H-800 Grade Values % H-1000 Grade H-1100 Grade
SiO2 40-44 42-46 44-48
CaO 34-38 34-38 35-38
Al2O3 3.2-4.5 3.2-4.5 3.5-4.5
Fe2O3 -0.7 ~0.7 ~0.7
MgO ~1.3 ~1.3 ~1.3
LOI <15 at 800°C <14 at 950°C <11 at 1025°C

Major Applications:
Power Plants Boilers, Steam Pipelines, Exhaust Ducts of Gas Based Plants, Turbines, Fuel Oil Lines & Chimney.
Fertilizer, Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Reformer, Gas Cracker, Heater, Ducts, Boiler, Steam Pipelines & Process Pipelines.
Iron & Steel Industry Blast Furnace Shaft, Stove & Bustle Pipe, Soaking Pits, Reheat and Annealing Furnaces, Waste Heat Boiler, Roof Top & Regenerator Shields of coke oven batteries & Lime Killn, Hot-Air & Flue gas ducts.
Sponge Iron Gas Based reformer, desuphurizer vessel, Hot air & flue gas ducts & waste heat recovery system.
Cement Industry Preheater cyclones, precalcinator, klin riser duct, Firing hood, grate-cooler, Tertiary Air duct, Flue gas ducts & E.S.P
Sugar Boiler, Steam & Process Pipeline

Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Whytheat A & K

We offer ceramic fiber blankets, which is made of special ceramic long-fiber that is produced by the melting of very pure raw materials in double surface meeting process with out binders and with good stability in a large range of temperature. The process of double surface needling increase interweaving and tensile strength. Its unique fiber layup and needling process provide ceramic fiber blanket with outstanding consistency, handling strength and resiliency at elevated temperatures.

Fiberfrax Product Properties Blankets, Durablanket Z, Durablanket S
Maximum use/Grade Temp., °C 1425, 1260
Dimensions, mm unless stated Width 610, Length 7620 Other sizes on request.
Thickness, mm Density, kg/m3 (lbs/cutt) 6, 13, 19, 25, 38 & 50 64, 96, 128 & 160 (4, 6, 8 & 10)
Thermal Conductivity at min temp. of 550°C, w/rek (BTU-in/hrft2°F 0.11 (0.76) for 128 kg/m°, 0.13 (0.9) for 96 kg/m3
Application Notes
The test data shown are based on average results of control tests and are subject to normal variation on individual tests.

Maximum use temperature is indicative. It is dependent of fuel, atmosphere and other service factors.

High temp. pipe, duct & reformers, kilns, turbine insulation, Heat treatment furnaces. Reheating furnaces, Soaking pit cover sealing, Kilns & Kiln cars insulation & seals. Ovens & stack linings, Boilers, Exhaust duct & Air preheater insulation. Fire Protection.

Ceramic Fiber Modules

Whytheat A & K Our company is involved in producing Ceramic Fiber Modules. This Module contains no binders. We use special equipments for producing Ceramic Fibre Module to confirm the precise dimensions. Ceramic Fibre Module can be connected with structures of kiln and furnace by Anchor. It’s easy to install and speed constructing lining of furnace.

Fiberfrax Product Properties Modules
Z, S A B Anchored Cerlock Cermax
Maximum Temp. / °C Grade 1450, 1300
Dimensions, (mm) 305 x 305, 305 x 305 Other sizes and shapes on request
Thickness, (mm) 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 160 (10), 192 (12) B) 128 (8), 160 (10) Other densities on request
Thermal Conductivity at min temp. of 550°C, w/rek (BTU-in/hrft2°F 0.12 (0.84) for 160 kg/m3
Application Area
High temp. lining for heater, furnaces, reformers, soaking pit Seals & Kilns. Hot face veneering over existing brick or monolithic refractory lining in furnaces, heaters, kilns, etc.
Density (Kg/m³)
Z 192 AND160,
S 128 AND 160

Ceramic Fibre Board

Designed with perfection, we are engaged in presenting a wide assortment of Ceramic Fibre Boards.
Whytheat A & K
Fiberfrax Product Properties Ceramic Fibre Board
Maximum Temp.°C
1600,1425, 1260
Cervac – 80, Cervac – Z, Cervac – HS, Cervac - HD
Dimensions (mm) 500x1000
Thickness (mm) 6, 12, 19, 25, 38 & 50
Thermal Conductivity at min temp. of 550°C, w/m°k (BTU-in/hrft²°F) 0.11 – 0.13
Application Area
Combustion chamber of Boiler & Heaters, Hot face Lining of Furnace & kilns, back up insulation, Ladle covers, expansion joints, Hot gas duct, Riser Sleeves, Crucibles etc.
Density (Kg/m³) 320 , 416,480,576 & 640

Ceramic Fibre Paper

We are involved in offering a wide range of Ceramic Fibre Paper. These products are light weight refractory material processed from a blend of high purity alumina - silica fibres into a highly flexible, uniform sheet.
Whytheat A & K
Fiberfrax Product Properties Ceramic Fibre Paper
Maximum Temp.°C 1260
Dimensions (mm) 1000x1000
Thickness (mm) 1 - 6
Thermal Conductivity at min temp. of 550°C, w/m°k (BTU-in/hrft²°F) 0.12-0.13 (0.9)
Application Area
Combustion chamber Lining, Back up insulation, Expansion joints, Wrapping etc.
Density (Kg/m³) 190 & 220

Light Resins Bonded Mattresses (LRB)

Whytheat A & K

Minrock rockwool lightly bonded mattresses (LRB) consist of fine fibres spun 1 from selected rocks melted at a high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. They are then felted in the predetermined fibre lay pattern and are baked to form preformed mattress of predetermined density and thickness with uniform fibre distribution.

Mattresses are then stitched, slit and chopped to specified dimensions. Minrock LRP has excellent stability and has no chicken feathering which pollutes the atmosphere during application. It has controlled thickness and density resulting in predictable heat losses.

Minrock LRB mattresses are used for both hot and cold insulation to conserve energy, maintain process temperature, provide personal protection, prevent condensation and reduce noise levels. Minrock LRP mattresses are used for thermal insulation of pipe, tanks, equipments, boiler, electrostatic precipitators, flues and ventilation ducts, ovens, furnaces, kilns and fire insulation of fire doors.

Standard Size and Packing
Size of mattresses 1640mm x 1220mm
Thickness 25mm to 100mm
Density (kg/cu.m.) 100, 120, 150
Metal Facing G.I. Hexogonal wire netting ¾" x 24G
Standard Packing Polythene bonded hessien
Other sizes of wire netting available on request.

Product Details :
Density (kg/cu.m.)100, 120, 150
Metal FacingG.I. Hexogonal wire netting 3/4" x 24G
Size of mattresses1640mm x 1220mm
Maximum Service Temperature750degreeC
Thickness25mm to 100mm

Maximum Service Temperature 750°C

Thermal Conductivity
Minrock products have extremely low K-values for wide range of temperatures. Typical thermal conductivity values for various densities and mean temperatures are given in the graph.

Compression Resistance
Minrock mattresses offer high resistance to compression. Minrock LRB mattresses regain their nominal thickness after removal of a normal compressive load.

Moisture Resistance
Minrock rockwool mattresses are water repellant and do not absorb moisture by capillary action or ambient moisture from the atmosphere. Should blankets become wet, full thermal efficiency will be restored after drying out the moisture.

Corrosion Resistance
Minrock mattresses do not cause, initiate or promote corrosion.

Minrock mattresses are designed for maximum flexibility. They will essentially retain their thickness while conforming to virtually any irregular shape. Retention of fibres by the wire prevents any cracking or breaking.

Fire Resistance
Minrock mattresses are incombustible and resist the spread of flames.
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